Senior Java Developer 
Full time


  • Over 2 years experience in Java
  • Experience with Spring (Spring Boot, Sprint Data, Spring Security etc).
  • Experience of large-scale, high-performance Java web development
  • Experience with Maven, Gradle
  • Strong design and development experience
  • Complete knowledge of design patterns
  • Solid understanding of Сore java 1.8+, JVM
  • Experience with enterprise frameworks and enterprise design patterns (IoC/DI, Messaging)
  • Knowledge of Git, Jenkins CI, managing requests and configuration
  • Experience with unit testing framework, test-driven development, performance testing
  • Strong OOP skills;
  • JMS (Kafka, RabbitMQ, etc.)
  • JPA/Hibernate

About the project:

Gemicle company is looking for a Middle/Senior Java Developer to join our team and work on the project connected with the development of the solution for smart house. CLever APartment is the ultra-modern home control system CLAP cares about your home, understands your needs and ensures your family safety. The system monitors the access to your home, secures your property, oversees the temperature level in the apartment, adjusts the heating mode, estimates utility costs in UAH and pays the bills. It can even call you a taxi. System functionality will expand with the introduction of new technologies.